Advantages of Thermal Insulation

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Thermal Insulations have increasingly become an integral part of building constructions as it helps to prevent the heat transfer from inside and outside the building through walls, ceilings, pipes, equipment etc.

Thermal insulation works on the common principle of heat transfer in which heat energy is transferred from warmer to cooler surfaces and the flow does not stop until both surfaces reach an equal status of temperature. Thermal insulation in turn reduces this transference of heat.

They are used for varying functionalities such as:

  • Reduce heat loss or gain to attain energy conservation
  • Increase operating efficiency of different systems such as HVAC, plumbing, steam, process and power systems in various buildings and manufacturing units
  • Monitor surface temperatures for personnel and equipment protection in commercial and industrial sites.
  • Prevent or reduce condensation on surfaces
  • Reduce noise from mechanical systems
  • Protect the environment through the reduction of CO2, NOx and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

The major advantages of thermal insulation includes:

  • Energy Savings: Uninsulated industry sites and manufacturing units are wasting quite a large quantity of heat energy on a daily basis. A professionally insulated building can see a tremendous cut-short in the need for energy. Saving energy in turn results in cost savings, improved productivity and better environmental quality. 

  • Improve Structural Stability: Thermal insulations are placed not only for insulation performances, but also for increased reliability, versatility and stability of the entire structure. They also help in the reduction of expansion joints in construction projects. 

  • Personnel Protection: Using thermal insulation materials has an innate advantage of protecting workers from injuries and burns upon working with hot piping and equipment. Thermal insulation has a massive effect in reducing the surface temperature of piping and equipment securing workers with safe working conditions.

  • Fire Protection: In combination with proper firestop protection prospects and methods, thermal insulation offers a great resistance to delay or reduce ignition and also the propagation of fire or smoke. 

The best mechanical construction companies in Saudi Arabia have qualified thermal insulation engineers who can cover pipes, boilers, ductwork etc. with insulating material after measuring, cutting and shaping the materials to fit around the equipment. 

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