Author: Catherine

What is Civil Construction? Understanding Civil Constructions in Saudi Arabia

Civil engineering, one of the pioneering disciplines of engineering, is a study of civil constructions involving the processes of designing, constructing and maintaining the physical and naturally built environment. Basically, civil constructions shape the world we live in, they make our lives so simpler and easier to survive with advanced facilities for our convenience.  Roads, […]

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An Understanding of EPC

EPC, the acronym of Engineering, Procurement and Construction, is a prominent term in the Construction Industry. It is a contract agreement between the clients and EPC contractors, where the contractors are completely responsible for all activities starting from the designing, procurement, construction, commissioning and the final step of handing over the finished project to the […]

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Innate Components of Web Designing

Stepping into the digital world requires a quality website, and the creation of an aesthetically pleasing and functionally simple website is the top responsibility of innovative web designers. A web designer is not a back-end developer, but a front-end developer who cares about the consistency, colours, typography, imagery, simplicity and functionality of a website.  Here […]

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