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Defining an EPC Contract in Saudi Arabia

An EPC contract (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) contract, is rather similar to any other construction or building contract, yet different in a way that in EPC contract, an EPC contractor has more say in the contract than the client. If clients give an outline and design in other kinds of contracts, an EPC contract solely […]

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Procedures for Instrument Cabling Works

Industrial plants such as refinery or petrol deposit, steel plants or any manufacturing units, having a Distributed Control System (DCS) where controlling and supervising is distributed among various subsystems throughout the plant, requires instrumentation cabling. Instrumentation cables are used to connect and convey low electrical signals used for controlling electrical power systems and subsystems. Procedures […]

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Advantages of Thermal Insulation

Thermal Insulations have increasingly become an integral part of building constructions as it helps to prevent the heat transfer from inside and outside the building through walls, ceilings, pipes, equipment etc. Thermal insulation works on the common principle of heat transfer in which heat energy is transferred from warmer to cooler surfaces and the flow […]

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