Civil Constructions

Al Musk Group, the top civil construction company in Saudi Arabia, has a  professional team for the creative art of structuring organized foundations, trenches, renovations etc. 

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What is Civil Construction? Understanding Civil Constructions in Saudi Arabia

Civil engineering, one of the pioneering disciplines of engineering, is a study of civil constructions involving the processes of designing, constructing and maintaining the physical and naturally built environment. Basically, civil constructions shape the world we live in, they make our lives so simpler and easier to survive with advanced facilities for our convenience.  Roads, […]

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Different Techniques of Trench Backfilling

Backfilling is simply the process of refilling or replacing the soil that was removed during the construction works. It is highly essential as they offer strength and support to the entire structure as a foundation. There are different backfilling materials and methods utilized according to the requirements. Some of the trench backfilling materials include: Coarse-grained […]

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Significance of Cable Trenches

Cable trenching can be explained as a simple and effective method of laying cables into ground by digging trenches. After digging long trenches, the cables are deeply buried within and are covered with layers of soil, bitumen or concrete. This underground method of cabling is comparatively safe and efficient in protecting cables from any possible […]

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