Consistent Fire Protection System Installation in Saudi Arabia

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Fire fighting features are more than a necessity in all the industrial buildings, manufacturing units, plants etc. A fire spread can cause immense damage to the structure of the building and the occupants within, even leading to severe deaths.

Thus, the installation of the best fire protection system is one of the top priorities of civil constructions in Saudi Arabia

There are various types of fire protection systems installed according to the construction age, size and type of building. The general types include:

  • Fire Extinguishers: These are more like the first aid kit, which can be immediately utilized by the occupants in the building in case of a fire attack. If the fire seems controllable, fire extinguishers can cease the spread of fire. Yet, occupants must have a clear idea of the right spots fire extinguishers are placed, most likely near the exits, the extinguishing agent used like water or foam or carbon dioxide or dry chemical etc. 
  • Fire Alarm Systems: Fire alarm systems are often installed in every single room of the building as a warning for the occupants to escape at unfortunate times. There are two kinds of fire alarms manual and automatic. The automatic fire alarms can detect any fire or smoke or high raised temperature, which activates a high-pitched voice throughout the building. The manual alarm needs to be activated by any occupant of the building for the safety of others. 
  • Automatic Fire Sprinklers: These fire sprinklers are known to be the most trustworthy fire fighting method for controlling fire spread within a building. Records have proved that almost 97% of sudden fires were controlled by automatic fire sprinkler systems. Different types of sprinklers are:
  • Wet Sprinklers: These are the sprinklers attached to high-pressure pipes filled with water. The moment there is an unusual rise in temperature or smoke or a start of the fire, the pipes flash water in all directions at high pressure reducing all fire danger risks. 

  • Dry Sprinklers: The high-pressure pipes in dry sprinklers are filled with pressurized nitrogen, instead of water. They are generally used in spaces with lower temperatures, which creates a possibility of water getting frozen.
  • Stand Pipes: These are the long pipes installed one after the other interconnected with each other, well-sourced from a huge container of water. They come in handy for the firefighters when wet sprinklers can’t take the entire space in one go. 

The best civil construction companies in Saudi Arabia provide high-quality services in installing fire protection systems much suited for the industrial buildings.

Taking consideration of the old building structures, at the same time planning fire protection systems for the new buildings gets included in the top priorities of construction companies.

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