Different Types of Cranes Used in Construction

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Ever since the Industrial Revolution era, cranes have become an integral part of construction projects, as it was during that period quite a number of machinery entered the industrial world as part of modernization. Nowadays, one cannot spot a construction site without cranes, as they are, these magnificent machines that can lift, lower and move heavy materials in and around the workspace with the help of cables and pulleys. The operator of the crane sits comfortably in his cabin that moves along with the crane and does his job neat. 

Here is the list of different cranes that are commonly used in construction sites for various purposes:

  • Telescopic Cranes: These are the cranes with a large boom which has numerous tubes attached one after the other, that can be extended outward and pulled inward using a hydraulic mechanism. Telescopic cranes are commonly used in lifting boats from water, building signal towers, rescue operations etc. 

  • Mobile Cranes: Cranes are just a temporary structure used at a construction site for a short period of time. Thus, mobile cranes are the most common ones used which are mounted on wheels for easy transportation, mainly on trucks. The outriggers of this crane can be moved vertically and horizontally upon loading.

  • Tower Cranes: They are more than necessary during the construction of tall buildings. Tower crane standing up on a strong concrete base grows alongside the building with pride. They can work high, lifting around 20 tons weighing materials at a time. Once the building is wholly constructed the crane is relocated to another site.

  • Rough Terrain Cranes: It is a vehicle mounted crane attached to four specially designed tires used to work in off-road constructions and rough terrain areas, where normal cranes cannot be operated. They have telescopic booms and outriggers for more stability and manageable mobility through different roads. 

  • Overhead Cranes: Most commonly used in factories in order to lift heavy loads. These suspension cranes are set on trolleys that move in one direction along beams in elevated or ground level tracks. 

  • Floating Cranes: They are the ones that float through water beds for bridge construction, port or harbor construction, lifting sunken ships, loading and unloading ships etc. They have the capacity to lift a ship that weighs around 9000 tons. 

Having a crane in hand is very crucial in construction sites as lifting heavy load is a frequent demand in the workspace. The best equipment rental companies in Saudi Arabia or so, offer high quality, ultra tough cranes for any construction needs within the borders.

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