Innate Components of Web Designing

Innate Components of Web Designing

Stepping into the digital world requires a quality website, and the creation of an aesthetically pleasing and functionally simple website is the top responsibility of innovative web designers. A web designer is not a back-end developer, but a front-end developer who cares about the consistency, colours, typography, imagery, simplicity and functionality of a website.

 Here are some of the innate components of web designing that have to be kept in mind:

  • Website Purpose

Designing a website requires a prior step of understanding the real purpose of the website, intentions to be achieved in every page, needs of the users etc. A simple look into the website generates a first impression in the minds of the users. Thus, it is important that the website must build a good reputation which will result in leads and sales conversions. 

  • Simplicity

A website should never be over complicated with too much information and functionality, it will affect the user experience and usability of your website resulting in increased bounce rates. Thus, keep the website simple in terms of colour combinations, typography, fonts, images, illustrations, videos etc.

  • Easy Navigation

Navigation is the simplest roadway through the websites. Customers who come looking for something must reach there without any confusion, otherwise they will go looking for it on other sites. Thus always make the navigation paths simple, clear and consistent throughout the website pages. 

  • Content 

A website cannot stand alone with images and illustrations, it needs the strongest foundation of great content which has the power to persuade visitors into customers. Quality content with regular updations even makes websites SEO friendly, for better ranking on search engines.

  • Loading Time

Websites that load faster retain the visitors, whereas longer loading time, per say more than 3 seconds, will definitely increase the bounce rate. Thus, all the images have to be clearly optimized to minimize the loading time. 

  • Mobile Friendly

In earlier times, web designing was strictly made for desktop browsers. Yet in modern times websites are made with responsive layouts which can be adjusted to different screens like mobile phones and tablets.

Innovative web designers have excellent ideas for making websites responsive, enhancing user experience and usability, ensuring more sales and conversions. The best IT solutions companies in Saudi Arabia offer remarkable digital solutions for all your needs whatsoever.