Major Safety Tips used by Scaffolding Companies in Saudi Arabia

scaffolding services in Saudi Arabia

Construction industry witnesses major injuries and accidents per year when it comes to working on scaffoldings at considerable heights.

Therefore, before venturing onto the construction works on scaffolding, here are some of the major tips for a safe scaffolding, that may save your life from a huge danger. 

These tips are not just for the employees, but employers need to have a pretty great look at it, as it is their responsibility to protect and safeguard employees without any possible injuries.

Most scaffolding companies in Saudi Arabia take special care in ensuring the safety of their workforce. 

  • User PPE for Guard

Anyone working at a construction site must wear a Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) so as to protect themselves. Working on scaffolding has a huge risk of falling objects from employees working above.

A hard covering and hat will protect workers’ bodies from injuries and a non-slip footgear will be beneficial for not falling down. 

  • Keep the loading limits in Mind

Every scaffolding built has a loading capacity of its own. Dragging extra weight into the scaffolding or loading more employees on the scaffolding beyond the limit can cause serious threats such as a crack or an entire collapse of the structure.

Therefore, supervisors need to balance the weight capacity and remind the workers of the same. 

  • Regular Maintenance and Inspection 

The job is not done once the scaffolding is built, it must be regularly inspected for any damages or defects.

Every time before taking the scaffolding into the construction site, it has to be inspected thoroughly and if any parts are found to be defective, do maintenance immediately to avoid accidents. 

  • Give Adequate Training 

All the employees who are using the structure need to be trained at first before letting them climb the scaffolding.

Knowing the design and operation of the scaffolding is very important to avoid hazards that may befall without having proper knowledge about the structure. 

  • Fix Proper Guardrails

Guardrails make a scaffolding double safe, as they support the scaffolding on all three sides so that it prevents maximum number of falling down due to loss of balance.

If offer excellent stability to the scaffolding structure protecting the employees working within the scaffolding. 

  • Look out for the Weather

Working at height, needs a special look into the weather conditions. Harsh weather situations like a storm or a lightning strike or heavy rain, etc. can seriously injure the employees working on scaffolding.

Thus, always work with favourable weather conditions to avoid any hazards.

The best scaffolding services in Saudi Arabia are deeply concerned with the safety tips on using scaffolding.

They inspect and re-inspect the scaffolding to double check the stability, strength and well being of the scaffolding for smooth construction works.