We provide all type of Heavy lifting equipment such as All Terrain Cranes, Rough Terrain Cranes, Truck Cranes and Crawler Cranes with various capacity.
Certified lifting accessories such as Wire rope slings, Shackles, Belts, Lifting Beams, Spreader Bars, Man Baskets, Test weights etc.
Light equipment like Forklift, Tower lights, Welding Machines, Air Compressors, Manlifts, Diesel Generators with various capacity and needs.
Civil equipment like Excavators, Loaders, Dump Trucks, Compactors, Graders etc.

In addition to the above, various automobiles like Trailers, Trucks, Buses, Pickups, Vans, Boom Trucks, Water Tanker, Diesel Tanker etc.

We assure all the maintenance of the above on time and at any emergency’s client needed 24×7 with our trained mechanical dept.