What is SCADA? Major Applications of SCADA in Saudi Arabia

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Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) is one of the most prevalent control systems in major industries as they provide greater control and monitoring over a number of functions happening within industries. SCADA software is installed by the best construction companies in Saudi Arabia for the numerous benefits it offers.

They are majorly installed in industries to:

  • Control and monitor processes with accuracy
  • Data acquisition 
  • Historical data logging
  • Keep data in archives and retrieve wherever needed
  • Alarm generation

In Saudi Arabia, the SCADA control system applications are varied in different fields such as:

  • Electrical Power Systems: Electric power generation plants, transmission area and distribution system requires SCADA systems for comprehensive operational planning and control, fuel resource scheduling, optimum power flow, network security etc.
  • Manufacturing Industries and Plants: With a large array of raw materials, various inventory items and automated systems, manufacturing units require a SCADA system for easy management.
  • Telecom and IT companies: With advanced SCADA systems best telecommunications and ITs’ can manage their communication mediums and networks in the smoothest way possible.
  • Lift and Elevator Controlling: SCADA systems can be used in the efficient operation of lifts and elevators best for navigation within various industries and companies.

Apart from these, SCADA systems are used in water and sewage treatment plants, facility management, traffic controls etc.

Thus, construction companies in Saudi Arabia are direly in demand for the installation of SCADA systems in different plant units across the country.

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